ESO Essential Addons

This post will outline the various addons that I use within ESO and will cover the specific addons used for different roles as well as the generic all rounder ones.

The easiest way to manage addons is to use a programme called Minion, this can be downloaded from the main Minion Website. Simple install it and follow the instructions onĀ the Minion forum, once installed and set up you can search and install all of the addons from the app.

Generic Addons
Addon Purpose
Action Duration Reminder This addon tracks your sloted actions that have duration attributes or over time effects and helps improve rotations.
Advanced Filters Adds a bunch of additional filters for your inventory that makes it easier to find what you’re looking for
Assist Rapid Riding & Assist Rapid Riding (Fixed) Allows you to specify a skill slot that will be swapped for Rapid Riding as soon as you mount your ride
Auto Guild Welcome Welcome your fellow the newest guild member when they get accepted to your guild
AwesomeGuildStore A bunch of useful tools for shopping within the guild stores. Tracks purchases and sales and provides a bunch of filters that come in really handy
Bandits User Interface A UI enhancement addon that provides a bunch of useful tools, check it out in Minion for more details
BeamMeUp – Teleporter Travel to various members in your various guilds without having to pay the teleport gold fee
Bug Catcher Catches errors thrown by various addons and prevents them surfacing during gameplay
Cironians Addon Selector Allows you to create addon packs for different scenarios, i.e. trials, farming/fishing etc.
Dustman Automatically mark things as junk that can be sold whern you get to a merchant
Inventory Insight Provides you with visibility into the inventory across all of your characters, chests and bank
Kyoma’s Global Achievements Provides you with visibility into the achievemnets you have acquired across all your characters
Loot Log Show’s what everyone in your group picks up
Overview Provides a one-shot view of your entire build and bars
PChat A chat extension to provide a few bits of extra functionality
Photographer Enables the removal of the UI when taking screenshots and photos
PChat A chat extension to provide a few bits of extra functionality
SlippyCheeze’s Read It Once Allows you to read all books and notes only once when running through dungeons, zones and trials
Tamriel Trade Centre Provides pricing information on the sale of different items from guildstores
Ulrich’s Skill Point Finder Easily find those skill points that you have yet to find
Unknown Tracker Allows you to quickly see if you’ve learned a reciepe, motif or other craftable item
Votan’s Improved Multicraft A UI tool that allows multiple items to be quickly crafted
Votan’s Improved Provisioner A UI tool that filters/categorises the provisioning window
Votan’s Improved Quests A map addon for showing additional quest locations
Votan’s KeyBinder Enables account wide keybinds to be set up and the check of a box
Xynode’s All About Mechanics A UI tool for quickly referencing the mechanics of dungeons
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