Home of the Mogwai

I’m GizzmoShifu or Gizzmo for short, after spending 10 years in Malaysia I’m now back in the UK.

By day I code, architect application stacks and lead a team of highly skilled software engineers but come evening time and that’s when we aim to control the mayhem in a variety of other locations … typically Tamriel (ESO), Appalachia (Fallout 76) or even spoiling a good walk around the courses found in PGA2K21.

I tend to stream these random wanderings at weekends but occasionally find the energy to fire up the stream after work … don’t forget to follow to be notified of the wanderings. If you want to join in controlling the mayhem then feel free to hit me up on one of the various socials.

As you may have noticed, the site is currently undergoing a massive overhaul and content will be added over the next couple of weeks and will include a variety of bits such as:

  • builds for the games
  • in-game guides
  • random ramblings from a Mogwai
  • anything that is requested or is interesting

Got an idea? Drop me a message via the socials.

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